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Greetings Friends!

I'm your Treasurer, and I love working here in Chesterville! I’m also the Treasurer for two other towns, New Sharon and Starks. I love municipal government and have been a Treasurer since 2008. Some of my general responsibilities include: accounts payable and payroll warrants, reconciliations, banking, discharging tax liens, the foreclosure process, and the annual audit. There are many small pieces to my job, and you’ll see me working closely with the Board of Selectmen, Budget Committee, Tax Collector, Clerk and Assessing Agent.  If we haven’t yet met, stop in the office and introduce yourself! If you have questions about town finances, expired liens or want to chat about your taxes, please feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to meet up and address your concerns.

​          Erin Norton – Treasurer

          Office: 778-2433

          Cell: 399-6321


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