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Town Clerk
Tax Collector
Registrar of Voters

The role of the Town Clerk is to be the official keeper of records for Chesterville.  This office accurately maintains all town records and provides licenses to Town Officials and the residents of Chesterville.

The Tax Collector  is responsible for the collecting and recording of all excise taxes and property taxes assessed by the Assessors against all real estate.  The Tax Collector maintains tax records for all accounts and prepares regular reports of collected monies and delinquent properties for the State, Board of Selectmen, and townspeople.

Registrar of Voters is responsible for maintaining the voting list in the Maine Central Voter Registration Database and reporting results of elections to the State of Maine Bureau of Elections.

We are located in the Town Office at 409 Dutch Gap Road.

Our current office hours are:

Tuesday:  9am - 5:00pm

Thursday:  12 noon - 7:00pm

Friday:  9am - 5:00pm


Effective 5/7/2024 we will no longer be processing new registrations a half hour before closing. 

Melissa Letarte - Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Registrar of                                             Voters and the Agent for the Bureau of                                             Motor Vehicles and Deputy Treasurer

           Office:      207-778-2433


20220203_154502 (1).jpg

Melissa "Missy" Letarte

            Town Clerk

katlin (2).jpg

       Katlin Hilton

  Deputy Town Clerk

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